Building emotionally intelligent teams...

Treks & Tiaras can arrange to take your team / organisation / networking group etc out for bonding and inspirational walking adventures anywhere in the UK, whether its hiking up a mountain or a gentle low level hike, we can help your team to escape from the day to day stresses that can plague people during the week.

The route to improving any service or working environment is to have a happy efficient work force that communicates effectively. Isnt that what all organsiations want?  With the experiences we offer you can achieve this!

Our team building treks can be during the week as a one off day, over a weekend or even week long residential...its entirely up to you. You decide and we deliver!

We can help create a memorable day, weekend or week which incorporates fun, adventure  to help bring you together as a team to achieve your goals and get to know your team better. Trust the end of the trek you will know each other very well!

These days can be run exclusively to you requirements so email us at to discuss your requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.